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Buzzcut is the fifth level of Marda. It introduces saws, cat blocks and switches to the player.

Guide Edit

You have to push the box to the left. As a casual player you should wait for the first saw to pass while being ready to jump on the wooden platforms (if you land right enough on the first platform, you can just jump up straight). Start pushing the box. The next saw will approach you. When it comes close, jump on your box or to the right of the saw. Continue pushing until the box falls onto the switch. Jump down and move to the right, jump over the spikes and the milk in the next screen. Jump up to the switch and trigger it to make the cat blocks disappear. Finish by jumping in the teleporter.

Crown Edit

The crown is on the left. To get to it however, you need to flutter over a big milk pit. Collect the crown by jumping from the top right after you push down the box. Flutter and hold left. You will bonk into to wall on the top left. Wait while still holding left and jump. Now you will pass to the next screen with the milk pit. at the end, there is some ground and a wooden platform. Land on it, jump up to the crown and flutter back from the highest point.

Speedrunning Edit

While still a very easy level for casual players, speedrunners need to hug the saws to not lose time. They also go up together with the first saw, being careful not to touch the inner red circle (the white part has no hitbox). They will mostly meet the second saw when standing a bit behind the green shop on the top. Flutterpushing can be used to minimize to waiting time while the saws pass through. They can also jump right in the screen transition and flutter to not bonk into the stone and lose time.

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