Buzzcut is the 5th level of Marda in Cat Bird. It is the first level to introduce Buzzsaws to the player.

Guide: When spawned, The player must hop up the wooden shelves, minding the Buzzsaws (Or just Saws) until reaching the top. Once the player has reached the top, they must push the wooden block that is on the top right of the pink platform. Once the block has been pushed onto the yellow button, the player proceeds to the room on the right, being careful to avoid the spikes, and makes it to the next room. After jumping over the water, the player may proceed to the next level.

The level
Crown: To get the crown the player must go to the top of the platform and float through the room on the right. The crown is on the third wooden platform. To return to the main chamber, simply hop onto the top of the tall pink platform, Then float back to the right to enter the main chamber. Edit
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