Cat Bird is the adorable protagonist and player character of the game of the same name.

Controls Edit

Moving Cat Bird is simple: pressing the arrow keys on screen moves him left or right at a medium pace, and pressing the jump button allows him to leap upwards once. He cannot jump again until he rests back on the ground, though pressing and holding the jump button will temporarily lets him glide, keeping him aloft.

Certain items or environments may alter these rules. For instance, springs and diamonds both act as a second jump, and wind allows for theoretically infinite jump high.    

Appearance Edit

In all official art, Cat Bird is depicted as a white creature with a cat's face, ears, and front paws, as well as white wings. In the OST album art, it is shown that Cat Bird's wings are feathered. It is unclear whether Cat Bird has hind legs as they are never shown in any piece of official art and the in-game sprite is too abstract to clearly tell.

Through unlocking skins, Cat Bird's color can be changed to either gold or black. 
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