Story Edit

Cat Bird and a regular bird rest comfortably on the Home Planet's surface. Suddenly, a shooting star strikes the planet, and Cat Bird falls through and breaks each layer of Home Planet's atmosphere. He progresses through Marda, then falls through space until he gets to Grasi, then he does the same until he completes Winda.

When Cat Bird falls through a wooden board in Winda, and it seems like he's going to drop out into another world. However, they are instead pulled to the Home Planet. Cat Bird breaks through the middle of the planet and falls onto the top of its surface, reunited with it once more.

Then, after an undisclosed amount of time that allowed the planet to heal, Cat Bird is taken again by a Teleporter and transported onto Zipsa. After completing the world, Cat Bird is teleported back to the world and can finally rest.

Appearance Edit

Cat Bird resembles a cat with wings. They live on their Home Planet, along with a small bird that rests in a tree. Cat Bird can be white with pink ears and cheeks, or one of the two other skins in the game.  
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