World description

The second world Grasi is a simple yet aesthetically pleasing forest esc themed world. Its view from outer
Grasi world view

view from the choosing screen

space is a simple brown cat planet covered in fluffy green grass


  1. Grasi
  2. Cannon fodder
  3. Box stomp
  4. The breaker
  5. The ambush
  6. Key train
  7. Crate race
  8. Head mush
  9. Blocks of doom
  10. Vertigo
  11. Spike bite
  12. Hush kitty
  13. The mechanism
  14. Hop stop
  15. Mad totems

Boss Level Edit

the boss level "Mad totems" is a simple dance of running over to hit levers while

avoiding lava balls and a very easy level to beat if your quick to stand still and dash over to the lever

all you have to do to win the level is stand still let the totem aim and run to the next lever, do this six times and voila you've won the word grasi


the boss level

Crowns Edit

The levels in Grasi that include crowns are

Cannon fodder (found in a cave to the left over the second to last cannon)

The ambush (found in the left section behind a cannon)

Crate race (found in the right section in the wall of the falling block section)

Blocks of doom (found in a hidden passage in the top right while jumping to it with a box)

Spike bite (found in section in the top left with two cannons going nonstop)

The mechanism (found by dodging a jumping spike block)