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Grasi world view

View from the choosing screen

The second planet, Grasi, is a forest-esque themed world. It is unlocked after beating the final level of Marda, The Crusher.

Grasi continues to use mechanics introduced in Marda as well as adding a few of its own, including cannons and new spiked blocks.

Levels Edit

  1. Grasi
  2. Cannon FodderCrown gif 75px
  3. Box Stomp
  4. The Breaker
  5. The AmbushCrown gif 75px
  6. Key Train
  7. Crate RaceCrown gif 75px
  8. Head Mush
  9. Blocks of DoomCrown gif 75px
  10. Vertigo
  11. Spike BiteCrown gif 75px
  12. Hush Kitty
  13. The MechanismCrown gif 75px
  14. Hop Stop
  15. Mad Totems
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