The Box that gives you the skins

Skins are cosmetics for the character protagonist, Catbird. There are three skins counting the default with two that need to be unlocked. To unlock the second skin, “Black Bird”, you need to unlock fifteen crowns to unlock a secret level, Jar #1, at the beginning level for Zipsa. There will be a box with a question mark at the end of the secret level. Touch it and you've unlocked the skin. The same thing goes for the third skin, “Gold Bird”. The only difference is that you need twenty five crowns to unlock the secret level, Jar #2. Skins don't do anything except change your appearance.

Appearances Edit


The appearance of the first skin is very simple. It's just a cute little white catbird.
Screenshot 2018-02-21-18-12-16

Normal Catbird


The second skin is virtually the same as the first but black. The thing that sets it apart from the first skin even more, is the fact the pixel lineart and the eyes of catbird turn white to make the black stand out much more.
Screenshot 2018-02-21-18-12-19

Black Catbird


The third skin is like its name says: gold but with white markings. Another special thing about it is that when playing levels you can see little shimmering sparkles.
Screenshot 2018-02-21-18-12-21

Golden Catbird


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