Cat Bird's gameplay is relatively light on narrative. The story is told through short cutscenes that occur before and between worlds

All cutscenes can be rewatched from within the individual level select menus.

Story Edit

Cat Bird lives on a small, forested planet. One day, during a meteor shower, the impact of one of one of the comets knocks Cat Bird straight through the atmosphere of his home planet into space, sending him flying into the first planet, Marda.

After completing each world, Cat Bird is fired into space towards the next planet by an unseen force. After the third planet, Winda, he is deposited back on his homeworld. The first ending can be accessed here.

Zipsa, the DLC world, occurs after the first ending. Cat Bird is picked up by a portal that appears next to his homeworld, and is sent home with the same portal at the completion of all levels.

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