Winda is the third world after Grasi its view from outer space is quite unique compared to the other planets its a dusty brown with the ":3" face unlike all the other which have their mouth covered or none at all, also on its head it has fluffily bunched up dirt sort of like hair with some grass along with that it has a single moon.
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Levels Edit

  1. Floater
  2. Lava roll
  3. Fizzure
  4. Thin line
  5. Tough luck
  6. Bumper
  7. The breakdown
  8. Rounded
  9. The strip
  10. The chase
  11. Crush cage
  12. Snake bite
  13. Sea salt
  14. Under pressure
  15. Big bear (BOSS LEVEL)


The levels that have crowns in Winda include:


Thin Line

Tough Luck



Crush Cage


The boss level "Big bear" includes three attacks which include, Lava balls, Shockwaves, and giant firey ball after all the attacks have happened the bear will rest a button will then appear on his head jump on it and it will count as an attack hit it two times to kill the boss.

Boss level
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