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Appearance Edit

Winda is the third world after Grasi. Its view from outer space is quite unique compared to the other planets because it has a 3-shaped mouth and a moon. It was the last world before Zipsa was added. Winda is unlocked by beating Mad Totems.

Levels Edit

  1. Floater
  2. Lava Roll
  3. FissureCrown gif 75px
  4. Thin LineCrown gif 75px
  5. Tough LuckCrown gif 75px
  6. BumperCrown gif 75px
  7. The Breakdown
  8. RoundedCrown gif 75px
  9. The Strip
  10. The Chase
  11. Crush CageCrown gif 75px
  12. Snake Bite
  13. Sea Salt
  14. Under Pressure
  15. Big Bear

Levels in italics contain crowns.

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