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Appearance Edit

Zipsa is the fourth and current final world in Cat Bird. The world features a sort of purple "mane" around its cat body,

leaving nothing but its ears, arms, and face open. This world's difficulty is between Grasi and Winda, tending more towards Winda. Zipsa can be played right when the game is started.

Levels Edit

  1. The Room
  2. Telejump
  3. Block Warp
  4. Portal Sections
  5. Electric Wire
  6. Box and box...
  7. Hard wire
  8. Jump Cat
  9. Down Box
  10. Warper
  11. Bullet Point
  12. Up Wind
  13. Right Left
  14. Symmetry
  15. Spider Web

Levels in italics contain Crowns.

Extra levels Edit

  1. Jar #1
  2. Jar #2
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